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6 Strategies For Controlling Interior Pest Control Problems

Although a few ants at a picnic in the park might be expected, the last thing you want to find is a trail of them traveling through your kitchen. Indoor pests are a common problem for California homeowners since the warm, humid conditions create the perfect environment for insects to thrive.
Whether you have a cockroach invasion or you are worried about rodents, the great news is that there are many things that you can do on your own to make your pest control treatments more effective. Use these tips to get started on controlling interior pests around your home.
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Avoid Bringing Pests Indoors

It is normal to want to let that beautiful breeze come inside when the weather is nice. However, an open door or window makes it easy for uninvited guests to get indoors. Avoid leaving doors and windows open, and only open them as far as necessary to enter or exit your house.
If you love allowing fresh air to circulate in your home, then make sure that screens are installed on your doors and windows before leaving them open. Check them periodically to make sure that there are no holes in the screen or cracks along the edges that could allow an insect to slip through.

Perform Routine Repairs and Maintenance

It only takes a hole as thin as a dime to allow cockroaches to set up residence in your home. For this reason, it is essential to check your home thoroughly for small cracks, holes and crevices that pests can use to get inside.
During your inspection, check the caulking around your house's windows and weather-stripping beneath the doors. It is also important to watch for broken or missing siding pieces that could reveal a space for pests to get inside.
Water leaks are another common culprit for creating an environment that makes it easier for pests to enter your house. This is because waterlogged wood is easier for pests such as termites and rodents to chew through. Repair any defects that you find during your inspection right away.

Control Outdoor Pests

The majority of interior pest control problems often indicate that you have an outdoor issue with insects on your hands. Perform simple maintenance procedures, such as trimming your tree branches away from the house so that pests have fewer ways to gain access.
Pest prevention strategies, such as keeping your grass short and eliminating standing water also helps you to avoid indoor flea, mosquito and spider infestations. For this reason, your pest technician may recommend working on the outside of your home to reduce pest populations inside.

Eliminate Food, Water and Nesting Sources

Pests really don't like living around humans, but they do view certain houses as an easy resource for necessities, such as food and water. Simple sanitation practices can be as easy as sweeping up crumbs after meals and keeping a lid on your garbage. This can work wonders for keeping pests away.
As you peruse your home for potential food and nesting sources, keep in mind that many pests use clutter to build their nest or hide when they feel threatened. Practice clutter-reducing habits, such as recycling cardboard boxes and newspapers to eliminate these resources.

Arrange for Regular Inspections and Treatments

In addition to your personal efforts, it is important to take a well-rounded approach by having a professional inspection and treatment plan in place for your home. Whether you need monthly or bi-monthly treatments, this is the fastest way to reduce infestations that are already in place.
At Monterey Bay Pest Control Inc., we believe that pest control takes an integrative approach that addresses all possible factors for an infestation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation that helps you eliminate your interior pest control using safe and effective strategies.

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