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Environmentally Friendly Solutions in Monterey County, California

Our customers include homeowners who need fast, efficient trapping methods rather than poisons, eliminating the possibility of secondary poisoning harming children, pets and other wildlife, as well as valuable water resources. If possible, exclusion or repulsion of the pest is the method of choice. This will, hopefully, permanently solve the problem, avoiding constant pest control costs.

Our Products – Organic and Low-Toxic

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At Monterey Bay Pest Control Inc., we offer custom, all-natural pest-control services to clients, using a variety of organic product lines. EcoSmart Technologies is one such provider, and they supply a range of products that provide quick knockdown and control, extended residual protection, broad-spectrum activity, and minimal environmental and mammalian toxicity.

Interior Insect Control

Shared responsibilities in environmental manipulation to control insects are the latest in scientific research on integrated pest management (IPM). Common exterior and interior pests are controlled by basic sanitation and good housekeeping strategies, with a reduction in the use of chemical controls.
The tips below offer a nonchemical approach on how to reduce pest insect problems in a timely, safe, and effective manner.
Nonchemical Pest Control Methods – These Guidelines Will Reduce Interior Pest Problems
  1. Exterior plants and shrubs should be trimmed back
  2. Windows and doors should be closed, or screened when open
  3. Reducing storage in the interior limits areas where insects can nest
  4. All areas should be thoroughly vacuumed and dusted. This will help to determine whether the insect’s activity is current or old. 
  5. Chemical applications can be used after the above guidelines are followed.

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