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Nontoxic Gopher and Mole Control

If you or someone you know needs advice and help to control gophers or moles on a property, Monterey Bay Pest Control Inc. is a trusted name that you can turn to.

Our customers include homeowners who need fast, efficient trapping methods rather than poisons, eliminating the possibility of secondary poisoning harming children, pets and other wildlife, as well as valuable water resources. If possible, exclusion or repulsion of the pest is the method of choice. This will, hopefully, permanently solve the problem, avoiding constant pest-control costs.

We will conduct a free Monterey Bay Pest Control Inc. evaluation of your property and discuss how best to deliver the results you need. We are here to help.

Contact us now to schedule a free property evaluation by filling out the form on this site or by calling:

831-394-PEST (7378)

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