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Insect Control Services in Monterey County, California

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You might not think that the first ant is much to worry about, but that’s just the beginning. You don’t want to wait for the next one to roll around. The same goes for the first spider egg you find in your doorway, the first roach you see skittering around your bathroom or the first earwig you find in the garage.
Prevent further invasions of your home by hiring professional extermination services today. Monterey Bay Pest Control Inc. has served Monterey County since 1950; we know that we can cater our services to your home and its needs.

The First Step

The first step to getting control of your home is recognizing where the bugs are coming from and why. Sometimes this is outside of your control, but there are certain influences found in most bug-ridden homes. For instance, if food is habitually left out, it’ll attract ants, and if bathrooms or utility rooms are dirty, you can count on roaches or earwigs to be close by.
Many insect treatments are based on preventative measures. If you change your lifestyle so that insects have fewer incentives to come into your home, you’ll have to deal with them less often.

Extreme Measures Might Be Necessary

If you’ve taken the proper steps to block insects from entering your home and you’re still struggling with them, then you’ll want to take measures to eliminate them for good.
Many insects operate on a hive mind, which means that the most efficient method of control involves tracking down the nest and killing the queen. This can be done manually or with certain slow poisons. Either way, our team would be more than happy to consult with you about the needs of your particular situation.

Our Expertise Can Make the Difference

In our decades of fighting insects for the residents of Monterey County, we’ve come to recognize proven methods for making sure they don’t come back. You can rely on our expertise.
Contact us today to get back in control of what’s living on your property.

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