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Rodent Control Services in Monterey County, California

Stay on Top of Your Rodent Problem

Rodents are a perennial problem. No matter the time of year, mice, rats and other rodents are busy attempting to turn homes into their nesting grounds. Beyond the simple hygienic problem of having them around, rodents can be terribly destructive to your property and are always breeding.
Don’t leave them unchecked. Monterey Bay Pest Control Inc. has the know-how and resources to remove rodent infestations and prevent future incursions on your property.

Eliminating Unwanted Populations

Your home is an ideal breeding ground. Between the food you keep in the house, the warmth that radiates from your living quarters and the dark nooks and crannies that provide hiding spots, your home is protective and safe. In order to keep the rodents out of it, you need to seal off as many access points as you can.
It’s one thing to exterminate existing rodent populations through traps and poisons. It’s quite another to make it so that they can’t keep coming back.

Keep Them out of Your Home All Year

Make your home a fortress against unwanted friends by safeguarding it with our protective measures today. Rodents will attempt to enter your home from beneath. Be sure to seal the foundation of your home with a protective lining of concrete or sheet metal. Keep your windows secure and crawlspaces locked off so that nothing gets in there without your permission.

Take Preventative Measures Today

Our team will help you identify the specific spots where your home is most vulnerable to a rodent invasion. Instead of leaving your home open to the whims of small animals, consult with us to learn exactly where your home needs more protection. Our more than 65 years in this business have given us an eye for detail that no amount of training can compensate for.
Contact us today to learn more about our rodent control services.

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