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2 Options for Ridding Your Yard of Gophers


Gophers may look cute to those who don't know them well, but once they have set up residence in your yard, you'll quickly change your mind about these invasive rodents. For one thing, they will they leave your yard riddled with collapsing tunnels that pose a serious tripping risk. For another thing, they will soon decimate ornamental shrubs, garden crops, and other yard plants.

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How Can You Avoid a Rodent Infestation?


There's a scurrying sound coming from your walls, and out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of grey fur. The cat is steadily starring down the baseboard and the dog keeps barking at the cupboard. What's going on? While there are plenty of possibilities, chances are you have a rodent infestation.

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6 Strategies For Controlling Interior Pest Control Problems


Although a few ants at a picnic in the park might be expected, the last thing you want to find is a trail of them traveling through your kitchen. Indoor pests are a common problem for California homeowners since the warm, humid conditions create the perfect environment for insects to thrive.

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