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Live Bee Removal in Monterey County, California

Protect the Environment and Your Property

You’d be surprised by just how crucial honeybees are for the scenery you enjoy here in California.
We don’t want to kill them, but what other options are available? Consider a live bee removal from our team. For more than 65 years, Monterey Bay Pest Control Inc. has helped residents and property owners remove bees from their properties without killing the bees.

Keeping Nature Thriving, One Hive at a Time

house bee
Every bee has a hive. Anytime you see a bee, you’re seeing just one representative of a collective that’s anywhere from dozens to hundreds in strength. This can be a big concern for property owners because bees can be dangerous guests to homes. They get defensive and might attack.
Instead of finding and attacking the hive, which can have a disastrous impact on your property and safety, let us remove it for you. The hive can remain intact and the bees content with our specialized assistance. You don’t need to worry about the bees swarming or attacking you while we work.

A Smooth and Natural Removal Process

Removing your hive will be a risk-free process. We’ll build a scaffold and staging platform for each hive. Our team will navigate their way to the hive and remove it completely. After the area is cleaned and disinfected, we’ll caulk and seal the cracks and voids left by the hive. Finally, we’ll clear out our scaffolding and transport the hive to safety.

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Your home doesn’t have to be hostage to bees. We understand the sensitive nature of dealing with bees, especially when they get defensive. However, the best defense for an invasive bee colony is to relocate them elsewhere. That way, they can keep providing the health that our local environment needs in order to thrive.
Consult with us today to learn how we can remove your hive for you.

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