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Today, I called Monterey Bay Pest Control for an ongoing ant problem in my home. Ray called me back immediately and set an appointment for that day. Ray spent over three hours at my home, inspecting everything on the inside and the outside.
He explained what type of ant we unfortunately have, where they are coming from and how to get started on getting rid of them. He uncovered problem areas that I wasn't aware of as well.
I was very impressed with Ray's knowledge and work ethic. He was very professional and friendly.
I would highly recommend this company and Ray.
Michael L.

Ask for Ron. The guy is amazing and goes above and beyond. Had an ant issue at the house that another company was unable to handle and he not only found the source but also made us aware of another issue we were not aware of. Highly recommend!
Steve A

While home for the holidays, my parents had been dealing with an ant infestation, and then I saw a rat on my second night home!  I called Monterey Pest Control, and they sent a technician over the very next day!  The technician took care of the ants with a natural ant bait, and then trapped 3 rats!  He explained to me where we need to do repairs to keep the rodents from coming back.
If you are ever unfortunate enough to need pest control assistance, Monterey Bay Pest Control is the best!

I have worked closely with this company for years.  Their knowledge and experience far exceeds other companies.  I have witnessed first hand their rodent exclusion and Bee removal work and it is top notch!  The technicians are friendly and will take the time to explain how to prevent pests, and educate the customer.  When it comes to pest control, mosquito control, knowledge and experience this company is superb.   I have also seen their low toxicity approach and it is amazing!
I highly recommend them.
Tony S

Virginia is the local "go to" pest control specialist.  I called her for questions concerning an infestation.  I confidently moved forward empowered by the information she shared.  The technicians at Monterey Bay Pest Control are empathetic and extremely helpful problem solvers.
Lance H

I have personally known Virginia and received expert advise about all our homes pest control needs.  This includes termites, ants, gophers, bees, rats and you just about name it, we have them at our house!  She is careful, and can use the least toxic methods possible for you and your family.  Doing it yourself when it comes to when it comes to out of control pests is better left to experts like Monterey Bay Pest Control!
Glenn S

Tony was The best, Beyond amazing and extremely helpful I cannot express my gratitude to this company! I contacted four other pest control companies in Monterey and this company far exceeded all of them.
I had over $800 damage twice in less than 30 days due to rats inside my engine and inside my car!
Tony came out and did a free inspection and explained in great detail that there was just not a rat problem but infestation. He explained rats would always be around but you need to get them under control and where I was renting they were not under control by any means. He gave me different suggestions and his opinion of each. I could not use rat poisoning due to cat on property. I believe one of the most valuable suggestions to do immediately, although expensive, was to have the
inside of my car steam cleaned as well as the engine because rats Will continually be attracted to The smell of other rat urine and droppings left in the car and engine and will continue to come back.
In addition, I had purchased literally two bags of different kinds of rat traps and non-animal poisonings, rat deterrents, Engine spray and every other kind of contraption known to man and he was able to quickly tell me that only one of them would work. This saved me hundreds of dollars by being able to return these items I had purchased! I had gone to everyone from Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Orchard supply and even Lowe's in Gilroy asking how to get rid of these rats. Tony had the answer! If I had only gone to him first! He gave me detailed information on how to trap rats and educated me so much as well as gave me peace of mind which was priceless! I am very sick and on disability and he was so patient and understanding. I tried to do all the trapping and cleaning out the dead rats every three days and rebating myself but found it too stressful, exhausting and overwhelming and you have to use gloves and disinfectant to keep yourself safe from the fleas etc.. So even on a very limited disability income budget I will pay the money to have them come out and do all the trapping for the next 3 to 6 months to get the situation under control and then will continue to do it myself from then on to keep them under control. Thanks to their expert training, Extreme professionalism and education! I literally did probably 15 hours of research on the Internet trying to figure out how to deal with this problem and Tony figured it out in 10 minutes after looking at the property. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Tony and this company. I grew up in Carmel Valley and I am a local and you can trust my review. I have already told several friends about Tony and this company and will continue to do so! Thank you so much Monterey Bay pest-control. I cannot thank you enough and just to have peace of mind is priceless!
Not to mention they were at my house within 24 hours!
Lori G

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